How Vital Is Simple Navigation For A Business Website

Navigation holds a lot of importance when it comes to designing a website. It is method by which you discover and move through the website. Easy navigation when browsing through a website is the most important attribute to be considered at the time of designing a website. Here are a few tips defined for website navigation that makes it easy for viewers to use it and navigate through it to locate all the essential information they are looking for.

Keep it simple

Make a website keeping the navigation obvious, straight forward, intuitive and simple. This will help in keeping visitors and clients happy and returning to your website again and again. Ensure that your website visitors easily locate the required information as fast as possible, without requiring searching through a lot of extra information.

It should be consistent

Navigation has to be consistent throughout the website. Link the Logo on your website to the central location i.e., Home Page. The right place for the navigation system has to be on the left and top of the web page. Reduce the number of clicks that user requires before getting their information destination. It shouldn’t be more than three clicks to locate the necessary destination and information.

Make the navigation clear, intuitive and structured

It is good practice to have four to fifteen links placed on the navigation bar. A lot of links can become quite overwhelming for users. It is important for links to be descriptive and enable people to find exactly where the control is taking them.

Link to other posts in the website wherever possible. This implies that such links will easily take the viewer to other relevant posts in the website, thereby encouraging them to read more. There should always be a link that links to a Home Page, on each and every webpage. This is because home pages are the central place that connects to other web pages in a website.

Have elements to promote efficient navigation

·       Site maps are useful to link to the different web pages present on the website.

·       Search facilities help in navigation and exploration of the website.

Navigation has to be familiar

This will help a user to make the navigation look more comfortable and confident at the time of exploring your website. They will feel under control to understand how the process works.


Navigation should help the website user to find all the data they are in search for, prior to making a call to action.


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